Academic Success .

NJTL FC works with all students, regardless of age, to help them achieve their highest potential of academic success. We provide tutoring, homework assistance and the USTA A.C.E. literacy and mathematics curriculum.

Educational Programs.

NJTL FC in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Fort Collins and Loveland helps students with homework assistance and tutoring through "Power Hour."

A USTA literacy and mathematics curriculum, A.C.E. is also used at numerous locations. The Academic Creative Engagement (ACE) is tied to National Education Standards and Common Core State Standards. It offers tennis instruction and academic enrichment.

In fact, several of the FUN ACE curriculum units are introduced to USTA Junior Tournament Players at the Lewis Tennis Level 7, Level 6 and Level 5 tournaments throughout the summer. Multiplication Tic - Tac - Toe played with M & M's is the GREATEST -- bring it on!

  • Tutoring
  • Homework assistance
  • A.C.E Literacy and Mathematics

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