Life Skills.

First Serve Life Skills.

NJTL Fort Collins was one of the original 17 First Serve “Pilot Programs” in the United States. Along with EPATT at Stanford University, Mal Washington Foundation in Jacksonville, Zina Garrison Foundation in Houston, and 14 other program that tested the Game, Set and Match curriculum with their students. The positive outcomes of the character education resulted in 5 students being taken to New York City for the US Open Tennis Championships.

Game – Set – Match.

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First Serve Life Skill – 3 P’s.

3 P’s of Being a Team Player

One of the early units in the FIRST Serve curriculum is how to be a good team player by following the 3 P’s.

Not specifically a tennis team, but a “team player” on any type of team — school, work, community and of course tennis. This is NOT just a lesson for our tennis players but also for their brother, sisters, aunts, uncles and parents. We ALL can be a better leader by using the 3 P’s.

Prepared – by showing up, ready to learn, getting to know other peoples names, asking questions, and helping teammates.

Positive – by using positive self-talk and making positive comments to my teammates.

Practice – to improve I get prepared, stay positive, and spend time improving skills, and do not get upset or negative when little things go wrong.


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